To qualify for a personal loan, you must meet the lender’s eligibility requirements. Here are 3 tips to help you improve your personal loan eligibility.

1. Reduce your other loans

Banks will be careful about giving another loan to someone who is already troubled by previous installments.

2. Maintain Your Credit Score

A CIBIL credit score of 700 or above might portray you as a reliable borrower who makes on-time payments.

3. Should not apply for multiple loans

f you apply for many loans at the same time, each lender will make multiple hard queries on your credit report, lowering your credit score.

Personal Loan Eligibility

Age: 21 to 55 years

Income: 12,000 per month

Credit Score: Good or -1 Cibil required

Documents Required

– Aadhaar Card – Pan Card – Residence Electricity Bill – 1 yr Salary account Bank Statement pdf format – Minimum 1-month Salary Slip or Joining Letter