Top 6 Best Instant Loan Apps in India No Income Proof Required

You can get a loan from us even if you don’t have a salary slip. To choose the best instant loan app, we have selected many from the market.

Here are the 6 best instant loan apps in India no income proof is required. You can get up to a 5 lakhs loan.

The Top 7 Best Instant Loan Apps in India without Income Proof

1. Navi

A paperless loan from Navi is available for up to 5 lakh rupees. You only need to provide your KYC documents, and the loan proceeds will be sent to your bank account.

When you apply for a personal loan with Navi Instant, you’ll be taken through the whole procedure online. That’s because this loan doesn’t need any collateral. A Navi quick loan can be applied for with a minimum of documentation.

Interest rate12-30% per annum
Loan AmountFrom Rs. 10,000 to 5 lakh
Credit ScoreMinimum 650 or above
Approval ProcessOnline
Loan TenureFrom 3 to 60 months
Eligibility Age18 to 65 years
Processing Fees2.5% of Loan Amount + GST Charge
Who Can ApplySelf-Employed/ Salaried Person/ Student
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2. Money View

Money View’s Instant Personal Loans provide loan amounts up to Rs. 5 lakhs and repayment periods of up to 5 years, with interest rates beginning at 1.33% each month. In less than two minutes, borrowers may find out whether they qualify for a personal loan, and if they do, they’ll have access to their money within 24 hours. Everything that has to be done to get a loan is done digitally, from the application through the repayment.

Money View has developed a new credit-scoring system that will make it simpler for those with poor credit to get personal loans.

Loan amountRs. 5,000 – Rs 5 lakh
Loan tenure6 months- 5 years
Interest rate1.33% per month
Processing fee2% – 5% of the loan amount
Age Required21 – 57 years 
Cibil Score Yes
Eligible ForSalaried / Self-Employed / Student 

3. ZestMoney

In India, ZestMoney is a fast-growing fintech company that provides personal loans. You can receive a loan to go shopping without using a credit card.

ZestMoney Shopping Loan provides a credit line of up to 2 Lakh.

Credit LimitUp to 2 lakh
Interest rate0% to 21%
Approval ProcessOnline
Repayment Tenure3 months to 18 months
Processing FeesNIL
Eligible ForSelf-employed/ Salaried/Student/Housewife

4. Truecaller

Truecaller is a well-known caller ID software that also provides immediate personal loans in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5 lakh. With a Truecaller loan application and some minimum required paperwork, you can be approved right away.

Interest rate16%  per annum
Loan AmountFrom 10,000 to  5 lakh
Credit ScoreMinimum 650 or above
Loan TenureFrom 3 months to 36 months
Eligibility Age18 years or above
Income RequiredRs. 15,000/- Per month
Processing FeesCharged Dynamically
Eligible ForSelf-Employed/ Salaried Person
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5. Cashe

Cashe is an app that will give you up to 4 lakhs of instant loans. Within the next day, you will have access to your quick personal loan.

Customers may borrow from CASHe for 90 to 540 days at interest rates ranging from 9.0% to 35.99%.

Interest rate2.75% per month
Loan AmountFrom 10,000 to  4 lakh
Credit ScoreMinimum 700 or above
Loan TenureFrom 90 to 540 days
Eligibility Age23 to 58 years
Income RequiredRs. 12,000/- Per month
Processing FeesUp to 5%
Eligible ForSelf-Employed/ Salaried Person

6. Buddy Loan

A guarantor loan may help if you are having trouble securing funding on your own.

Borrow from 1,000 INR to 15 lakhs for 1-5 years with the help of a Buddy Loan. You should just find a reliable cosigner who is prepared to guarantee your loan.

Loan AmountFrom 1,000 to  15 lakh
Interest rate11.99% p.a.
Loan Tenure1 to 5 years
Eligibility Age18 to 60 years
Income RequiredNO
Processing FeesUp to 5%
Eligible ForSelf-Employed/ Salaried Person

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We give you the top 6 best instant loan apps in India no income proof required. Choose the lender that will match your profile & get a fast loan.

Within 24 hours, you will get the loan amount and your KYC documents is enough to apply.