Top 5 Credit Cards in India 2022

The best way to get the most out of a credit card is to choose one that suits your spending patterns and personality. However, with so many choices, it might be challenging to settle on a single credit card. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of the best credit cards in India, broken down by category (shopping, travel, gasoline, rewards, cash back, and premium features cards).

This post will discuss the 5 best credit cards in India for 2022.

The Top 5 Credit Cards in India

1. Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

The Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card is a second affordable option with a generous cash-back percentage for online purchases. Discounts may be used at popular retailers like Flipkart and Myntra, as well as other selected partners (Uber, PVR, Tata SKY, Swiggy, etc). Despite the fact that it shares a name with another company, this card operates more like a rewards credit card that gives you cash back.


  • Get 20% off at Myntra.
  •  Get a 10-percent rebate on both Grofers and Zomato
  • Savings of up to 25% on!
  • Movie tickets are Buy 1 Get 1 Free at INOX Cinema.
  • The joining and activation bonuses from Flipkart, Swiggy, and Myntra are valued at Rs. 1,100.
  • Discounts of five percent on both Flipkart and Myntra purchases
  • Swiggy, Cleartrip, Cure. fit, PVR, and UBER all provide 4% cash back.
  • Obtain a rebate of 1.5% on all other purchases.
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2. HDFC Millennia Credit Card

If you’re seeking a particular HDFC credit card, the HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card is an excellent alternative because of its high cashback rate. In addition to providing generous cash-back rewards for purchases made at a wide variety of popular online retailers, this card also provides a high return on other types of assets.

Spending more than 1 lakh on the card each year will result in the annual fee being waived, making this an excellent choice for those who make regular online purchases with their credit card.


  • Earn 1,000 Cash Points when you pay your membership fee.
  • Incentives of Rs. 1,000 in the form of gift vouchers for every Rs. 1 lakh spent within a calendar quarter.
  • Receive 5% back on all purchases made at online retailers including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Tata Cliq, and more!
  • All other purchases will earn a 1% cashback.
  • 8 domestic airport lounge visits per calendar year are provided at no cost.
  • To avoid paying the 1,000 rupees yearly charge, you must spend a total of 1 lakh rupees every year.
  • Fuel surcharges of 1% will not be applied to purchases between Rs. 400 and Rs. As a maximum, you may get Rs. 250 in rebates per billing cycle.

3. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card

If you often traverse foreign boundaries, the Air India Signature Card is for you. With a Priority Pass membership and this credit card, you can quickly redeem your rewards for things like airport lounge access and plane tickets. The card has excellent perks and conversion rates for non-resident aliens and international travelers.


  • With this card, you may earn and redeem a wide variety of rewards.
  • Rewards programmers with a high ratio of points to miles.
  • It allows 8 people free use of airport lounges in both domestic and international terminals.
  • There’s the EMI payment plan called Flexi Pay that you may use.
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4. SimplyCLICK SBI Credit Card

When compared to other cards in its category, the SimplyCLICK Credit Card is a good value as a simple point-based credit card for online purchases. Those looking to save costs on their internet purchases while still accruing rewards should find it most useful. The majority of the most popular online retailers are accepted, and the rewards points are useful. As there are no extra fees or complicated setups, this method of managing recurring expenses like utility bills is ideal for first-timers.


  • Ten times the reward points for purchases made at Amazon, Apollo 24X7, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Dineout, Lenskart, and Netmeds, among other select online merchants.
  • All other purchases made on the internet will earn you five times the normal benefits. In exchange for every one hundred Indian Rupees (INR) you spend, you’ll get one reward point.
  • Upon registration, you will get a 500 INR the gift card.
  • Up to 100 worth of fuel surcharges will be waived every billing cycle for purchases between 500 and 3,000.
  • Online purchases of any type get 1.5 reward points for INR 100 spent.
  • Save INR 2,000 with an e-voucher when you spend INR 1 lakh (15,000) online in a year.

5.  Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

The Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is the finest cash-back credit card for Amazon devotees since it offers up to 5% cash back on Amazon purchases. This credit card has no annual fee and a competitive cash-back reward rate, which is its main selling point. This card is suggested for daily spending since Amazon is the preeminent online marketplace for any and all buying requirements.


  • Amazon Prime members get a 5% rebate on all purchases made inside the Amazon marketplace.
  • Every money spent on Amazon by those who are not Prime members will get a % rebate.
  • For any other purchases, you will get a 1% rebate.
  • Every gas station in India will have its fuel fee reduced by 1 percent.
  • For purchases above Rs.3,000, Amazon offers no-interest EMIs. Interest-free monthly installments are only available for terms between three and six months.
  • Get a 2% rebate at Amazon Pay Accepted Stores.
  • There aren’t any joining or yearly fees.
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Can you explain how a credit card is used?

You, the customer, are the most crucial cog in the credit card industry’s wheel. Consequently, we will discuss the importance of being well-versed in all elements of card selection and use. Understanding ‘what lies underneath’ is also crucial.

The cardholder is only one of four major stakeholders in the value chain.

1) The vast majority of banks (and more lately, some neobanks) now issue credit cards. As seen in the banking industry, this marks the beginning of the client life cycle.

2) Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and RuPay are just some of the payment processing networks that link banks, stores, and consumers for easier money transfers. Their bread and butter is the effective, round-the-clock operation and upkeep of a critical technological capacity all over the world.

3) Types of business owners accept credit cards: hotels, airlines, shopping centers, internet retailers, gas stations, and so on. A point-of-sale electronic data capture (EDC) device is set up by the acquiring bank at these establishments. In order to finalize your purchase, the store will scan your credit card and get instant approval.

4) Acquiring banks should have their EDC devices located at merchant locations. It’s feasible that you’ll make a purchase with an HDFC card (issuer) at a store that uses an EDC machine from Axis Bank. A network, like Visa’s, facilitates the switching. The same applies to deals made on a national or global scale. The merchant’s payments will be dispersed by the acquiring bank at the agreed-upon intervals.