How to Show Income Report as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, it is difficult to show income reports. Proof of earnings means a document confirming the salary received from either a corporation or a public organization by a service provider.

If you want to loan or credit card, you need to show a salary slip. As a freelancer or blogger, you can show income reports another way.

Show income report another way

Banks give loans or Credit Card through income proof. But it is difficult to show income reports when you are a blogger or freelancer. But you can show income reports or income proof in a different way.

  • Bank Statement

As a freelancer or blogger or YouTuber, you can show income reports through the bank statement. Bank transactions show your monthly cash statement. Deposit money will show your monthly income proof.

If you want Credit Card or Personal loan, you show your bank statement as income proof.

  • Show Fixed income

As a blogger or freelancer, deposit all the monthly income to one bank account. If you have a saving account, deposit all the income that is getting through PayPal or Payoneer to one account.

Minimum 6 months income report bank will see before giving loan or Credit Card.

  • Credit Card Statement

A Credit Card statement is proof of income. Your card statement shows a monthly transaction. The statement that appears month to month shows that you can pay and have a steady financial flow. You can apply for an online personal loan or instant loan through a credit card statement.

Also, the bank will approve your loan through a card statement. You should maintain a cibil score to get an additional loan.

  • Receipt of Payroll

As a freelancer, you have to work with a different type of company. Show the receipt of payment to the bank that is getting from the company. A payroll receipt is another proof of income.

As self-employed proof, you can show the payroll receipt to your nearest branch to get the loan amount.

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