How to Get Instant Personal Loan up to 5 lakh

Get a personal loan instantly up to 5 lakh rupees with a bad credit score. You don’t need to mortgage any property to get a personal loan.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan and you can get it with your salaried slip or business documents.

Just need some minimum documents to get an instant personal loan.

What is Personal Loan?

A personal loan is a sum of money that you can borrow to utilize for a number of purposes. For example, you might utilize a personal loan to consolidate debt, pay for home repairs, or arrange your ideal wedding.

Personal loans can be obtained via banks, credit unions, or online lenders. Borrowed funds must be returned over time, usually with interest. Personal loans may also be subject to fees charged by some lenders.

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Documents Required for Instant Personal Loan

For salaried person need the following documents:

  1. Salary Slip
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Pan Card
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Cancel Cheque

For Business person need the following documents:

  1. 2 years IT  File
  2. Trade License
  3. Pan Card
  4. Aadhaar Card
  5. Bank Statement
  6. Cancel Cheque
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Points to Remember Before Apply for Personal Loan

  • Personal loan interest is too high (12-30%)
  • Short duration to Repay Loan EMI
  • Pay EMI from time to time for a good civil record

Where to Apply for a Personal Loan?

If you are an SBI customer, you can apply for a personal loan through yono SBI. Just log in from your Internet bank user id and password and apply for a personal loan.

You can apply for an Instant personal loan another way. Go to Google Play Store and download HomeCredit.

homecredit personal loan apply

And you can apply for an Instant personal loan without a credit score.  It’s taking up to 2 days to get credit for your loan amount.

If you are a Bajaj EMI Cardholder, you can be eligible for a pre-approved personal loan and get personal instantly. 

Go to Play Store and download Bajaj Finserv and check the offer section to get a pre-approved loan offer. If you are eligible, apply from this app through step-by-step instructions. After that Bajaj Finserv Customer will call you and help you with any queries.

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Over to You

In this post, I tell you to step by step by process How to Get Instant Personal Loans from home.

Just follow that process and get the loan instantly. You don’t need to pay extra fees to apply for a personal loan.

If you have any queries, comment below. I will try to help you.

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