How to Buy Bitcoin: Consider the Best Options

The Bitcoin rate is set based on supply and demand. There is no official exchange rate as it is a decentralized network, and no one can set its exchange rate. Today, all payment systems officially operating on the market have the right to provide services only to verified users.

But Bitcoin was originally created as a currency that can be used anonymously. Therefore, although the status of Bitcoin in the legal field hasn’t yet been determined, you can buy Bitcoins with a debit card instantly and sell them.

What Is the Best Place to Buy Bitcoin?

Consider the best listing of places to buy Bitcoin:

1. Exchangers

When wondering how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, consider suitable exchangers. It is not surprising because it is not only fast but also convenient. In addition, such a cryptocurrency as Bitcoin is available on any exchanger that works with digital coins, so finding where to buy BTC with a debit card is not difficult.

When buying Bitcoin for USD through crypto exchangers, no one will require you to scan an identity document. So, you can do it anonymously. It is an advantage. The operation scheme of these resources is simple: the user transfers the specified amount to the selected accounts. The crypto exchanger, in response, transfers the required amount of Bitcoins according to the exchange rate.

2. Telegram Bot

Cryptocurrency Telegram bots are another way to easily buy BTC with a credit card. It is suitable for the quick exchange of small amounts. It is enough to open a Telegram app, join the bot, select an option (buy or sell BTC with a bank card), amount, payment method, and follow the system’s prompts.

A bot is an intermediary that brings the seller to the buyer. After the transaction, the funds are frozen in the bot’s account until the Bitcoin seller confirms the money has been received. Then the Bitcoins are transferred to the buyer’s account in the bot, and they can be withdrawn to any wallet.

3. Traders

Another way to get Bitcoins is to buy them with cash. To do this, you can use the services of specialized forums and groups on social networks. Having agreed with the seller on the purchase of cryptocurrency, both parties meet at the appointed time and place.

The operation involves the transfer of cash to the seller and, in the same place, the transfer of Bitcoins to the buyer’s wallet. But if you face a scammer, no one will turn your money back.

4. Exchanges

Buying Bitcoin through an exchange is recommended only if you plan to take this currency in large quantities. The main advantage is that the cryptocurrency is sold at the current rate without extra charges in this place. In some cases, you can even buy Bitcoin with a credit card with no verification at a little cheaper rate. It is necessary to register to carry out operations on exchanges like a Switchere app. 

As a rule, it is simple and requires entering approximately the same data as when creating a wallet: login, password, e-mail, confirmation of the agreement, and entering a captcha.

Exchangers work with a limited range of cryptocurrencies and fiat money. On the exchanges, you can find much more pairs. Also, you can buy Bitcoins with a credit card no verification for a different currency. Prices may vary slightly on different exchanges. When buying or selling, the exchange charges its percentage.

Not all sellers offer a favorable exchange rate and suitable payment systems. Therefore, you will have to look for a suitable option from many proposals.