Flipkart Pay Later: Instant Personal Loan Up to 70,000

We all know about Flipkart. Flipkart is a big online shopping brand. You can buy 1000+ products through the Flipkart app.

Flipkart offers to buy now and pay later while you shop through Flipkart. You can get up to Rs. 10,000 credit lines through Flipkart pay later. Also, Flipkart adds the features of Flipkart Pay Later EMI.

Flipkart Pay Later Quick Recap

Interest rateZero Interest-Free up to 30 days
Loan AmountUp to Rs. 10,000/-
Approval ProcessOnline
Eligibility Age18 years or above
Processing FeesNIL
Who Can ApplySelf-Employed/ Salaried Person/ Student/HouseWife
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What is Flipkart Pay Later?

Flipkart pays was later introduced by Flipkart to their trusted customers. This is the buy now pay later service. You can buy products with your credit line and pay the money for the next month. Flipkart offers up to Rs. 10,000 credit lines.

Flipkart Pay Later Benefits

Check out all the benefits of Flipkart Pay later instant loan:

Zero Interest Charge: Don’t need to pay any interest for Flipkart to pay the later instant personal loan. You can use a credit limit of up to 30 days interest-free.

No Processing Charges: Flipkart offers a buy now pay later facility without any processing charges. Apply for instant pay later loan to get quick approval.

Minimum Documents Required: Submit only KYC documents like Aadhaar Card & Pan Card to get an instant personal loan.

Convert EMI: you can convert your credit limit into an EMI system. But you need to pay minimum interest for that.

Quick Process: If you apply for a Flipkart Pay Later loan, it’s taking around 30 minutes to get an approval message.

Approved Without Cibil: Don’t require any cibil score to get Flipkart to pay for later service. You can apply without any cibil score.

Instant Buy: Buy any products through Flipkart using your credit limit. Payment will process instantly.

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Flipkart Pay Later Loan Interest Rate, Fees & Charges

Interest rate30 days Interest-Free
Processing fee Nil
Credit Uses FeesUp to Rs. 1,000 >0 Charges
Above Rs. 1000 > Rs. 10 Charge
Minimum Loan Tenure30 days

Late Payment Charges

Bill AmountLate Payment Charge
Rs 100 – Rs 500Rs 60
Rs 501 – Rs 1000Rs 125
Rs 1001 – Rs 2000Rs 175
Rs 2001 – Rs 4000Rs 300
Rs 4001 – Rs 5000Rs 410
Rs 5000 & aboveRs 600

Partially Payment Charges

You can pay your outstanding amount through partial payment. But you need to pay an extra charge. The charges list is given below:

Carry Forward amount to next monthConvenience Fee for Partial Payment
<= Rs 500Rs 60
Rs 501 – Rs 1000Rs 60
Rs 1001 – Rs 2000Rs 120
Rs 2001 – Rs 4000Rs 240
Rs 4001 – Rs 5000Rs 330
Rs 5000 & aboveRs 475
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Flipkart Pay Later Eligibility

  1. Your age is required minimum of 18 years or above.
  2. Aaadhaar Card required.
  3. Aadhaar Card linked with Mobile OTP for KYC verification.

Documents Required for Flipkart Pay Later Loan

  1. PAN Card required
  2. Aadhaar Card required
  3. Bank Account
  4. Aadhaar linked mobile is not required

Flipkart Pay Loan Amount

Flipkart offers up to Rs. 10,000 instant loans for online shopping. Use your credit limit without any interest for 30 days.

Uses Flipkart Instant Loan

  • Buy online products
  • Use various Flipkart Service
  • Buy Mobiles
  • Buy Others Products
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How to Apply for Flipkart Pay Later Loan

Follow the step-by-step process to apply for Flipkart Pay Later Loan:

Step 1 Install the Flipkart app from the Play store.

Step 2 Open the Flipkart app and scroll down in the middle then you will see the “Flipkart Pay Later” Tab.

Step 3 Now click on Flipkart Pay Later Tab & start the process.

Step 4 Enter your Pan Number & Aadhaar Card Number for KYC verification.

Step 5 Now verify your Aadhaar Number through Mobile OTP.

Step 6 Enter Aadhaar OTP that is sent to your mobile number.

Step 7 After reviewing the name, and Pan number submit the application form.

Now you are eligible for Flipkart Pay later. You can see your credit limit.

You can use this credit limit to shop.

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Flipkart Pay Later Customer Care

For any questions or queries, you can contact customer care.

Contact IDFC FIRST Bank 

· Phone: 1860 500 9900

· E-mail: [email protected]

· Help Centre: https://customerportal.capitalfirst.com/s/portal-login?language=en_US

· Flipkart Help Centre: https://www.flipkart.com/helpcentre.

· Branch: https://www.capitalfirst.com/branch-locator

FAQs of Flipkart Pay Later