Cashe Personal Loan- Get @ 4 Lakh Loan Instant

Get up to 4 lakh loan from Cashe, an App-based loan. You will get an instant personal loan within 24 hr.

CASHe allows customers to borrow between Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 4 lakh for a period of 90 to 540 days.

In this post, we will tell you about Cashe Personal Loan, Loan Eligibility & more.

What is Cashe Loan?

The cashe loan is a kind of app-based personal loan that requires little documentation and has a fast approval process. This technique is simple and convenient.

A loan can be taken for a period of 90 days to 1.5 years, with amounts ranging from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 4 lakh.

Features of CASHe Personal Loan

A cashe personal loan has many features & benefits. They are: 

Quick Approval: Cashe personal loan is a fast loan approval process and it is a fully online-based platform. You do not need to wait two days. It’s taking only 24 hours. 

Flexible loan repayment: Cashe offers an easy loan repayment facility from 90 days to 540 days.

Minimum Documents: you don’t need to give huge documents to apply for a loan. Just KYC documents & bank accounts are enough to apply.

Low-Interest Rate: Personal loans from CASHe are available with low monthly interest rates as low as 2.75%.

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CASHe Personal Loan Eligibility

The following eligibility criteria need for Cashe personal loan:

  1. Resident of India
  2. Between the ages of 23 and 58, you should be.
  3. Your minimum salary should be Rs. 12000/month.
  4. You must work for a recognized firm as a salaried employee.
  5. Need Facebook or Google+ or Linkedin account. 

Documents Required for Cashe Loan 

To get cashe personal loan you need to submit the following documents:

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Latest Salary Slip
  4. Bank Account
  5. Address Proof (Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, Electricity bill, Gas bill) 
  6. Latest bank statement of the salary account. 
  7. Selfie Photo identity 

Check the personal loan qualification requirements before applying for a fast personal loan. Let’s break down the eligibility requirements in terms of salary and loan amounts offered by Cashe:

Salary eligibilityMinimum loan amountMaximum loan amount
Rs 12,000Rs 6,000Rs 1,10,000
Rs 22,000Rs 25,000Rs 2,10,000
Rs 25,000Rs 50,000Rs 2,58,000
Rs 40,000Rs 75,000Rs 3,00,000
Rs 50,000Rs 125,000Rs 4,00,000

CASHe Personal Loan Interest Rates

Check out Cashe personal loan interest rates. Cashe offers a 2.75% per month interest rate for every loan tenure. 

Loan TenureRate of interest
90 days2.75% per month
180 days2.75% per month
270 days2.75% per month
360 days2.75% per month
540 days2.75% per month
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Cashe Loan Fee & Charges

Before taking a personal loan from cashe, check out processing fees.

Tenure Processing fee
90 daysFor loan amounts ranging from 0 to 33333, there is a flat fee of Rs.500, and for loan amounts ranging from 33334 to 99999, there is a 1.50% fee.
180 days1200 rupees, or 2% of the loan
270 days1200 rupees, or 2% of the loan
360 days1200 rupees, or 2% of the loan
540 days  whichever is larger: Rs.1000 or 3% of the loan

How to Apply for Cashe Personal Loan?

You can apply for a Cashe personal loan from getloanoffer. Just follow the steps to get the loan quickly.

Step 1 First you need to install Cashe from the play store.

install cashe app

Step 2 Open Cashe apps & click on Apply Now button.

Step 3 you need to sign in with Linkedin or Facebook or Google account.

Step 4 Fill in the personal details.

Step 5 After that, you will get a credit line.

Step 6 Tick on accept button & click to proceed.

Step 7 Give your required loan amount & click on the ok button.

Step 8 Fill in personal details, Employment details, Bank details & Photo proof.

Step 9 After filling the all the details, you need to apply for a credit line.

Step 10 If you get approval through a credit line, you get multiple loan offers. Get a loan as per your requirement.

Also, you can get an online shopping loan from Cashe.

After verifying all your documents, you will get notified from cashe. If you are eligible for a loan, you can transfer your loan amount to the bank.

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Cashe Customer Care Number

You can contact cashe customer care through any of the methods:

  • You can contact us here at [email protected]
  • You may also use the online form to receive answers to your questions.

Now, you can apply for a personal loan from Cashe.

I give you all the steps. Just follow and apply from your smartphone.

Comment below for any quires.

FAQs of Cashe Personal Loan