Bajaj Housing Finance Lower Home Loan Rates 6.70%

For salaried and professional applicants, Bajaj Housing Finance reduced its home loan interest rate to 6.70 % from 6.75 % per year. In a statement, Bajaj Finance Limited stated that applicants with strong credit, income and employment profiles may save a lot of money by taking advantage of the new interest rate on house loans.

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Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan

Interest rate6.70% per annum
Loan AmountUp to 5 Crore
Approval ProcessOnline
Repayment TenureUp to 30 years
Eligible ForSalaried Persona and Self Employed
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Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan Benefits

Higher Loan Amount: Bajaj Housing Finance offering a 5 Crore loan amount for your needs. Also, you can get higher than 5 Crore if you fulfill all the eligibility criteria.

Approval Online: Because the entire procedure is performed online, Bajaj Housing Finance offers contact-free loans. Users must apply on the company’s website, and then coordination is handled by email and phone. Buyers must only meet with a representative in person at the end of the process when the loan agreement must be signed and other registration requirements must be performed.

Long Repayment Tenure: Bajaj Housing Finance providing long loan repayment tenure. You can repay the loan amount for up to 30 years.

Zero Foreclose Charges: Consumers with floating-rate home loans can choose to return a portion of the full loan before the end of their tenors without incurring any additional fees.

Lower Interest Rate: Bajaj Housing Finance offers a 6.70% interest rate per annum. Take these lower interest rate benefits.

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