Au Small Finance Bank Personal Loan

With Au Small Finance Bank’s Personal Loan, you can apply for an instant personal loan. Personal Loans from Au Small Finance Bank may be obtained with as few as three pieces of supporting documents.

A personal loan from Au Small Finance Bank has a reduced interest rate and provides up to Rs. 7,50,000.

Au Small Finance Bank Personal Loan Quick Recap

Loan amount Up To Rs. 7,50,000
Loan tenure 12 months – 60 months
Interest rate 9.75% to 18% p.a.
Processing fee Up To 2% of the Loan Amount
Age 25 – 60 years 
Eligible For Salaried/ Self Employed/ Student 
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Au Small Finance Bank Personal Loan Benefits

Many advantages come with submitting an application for a Personal Loan with Au Small Finance Bank:

  • With Au small bank, you’ll get a Personal Loan with a decreasing interest rate during the repayment term.
  • With only a few clicks on AU 0101, you can apply for a simple Personal Loan and keep track of your payments online.
  • You may consolidate all of your high-interest loans into a single payment with a low-interest rate.
  • Existing clients may be eligible for pre-approved Personal Loan offers with a favorable interest rate and no paperwork required.
  • For Royale customers, Au small finance provides discounted processing costs and interest rates on all purchases.
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Eligibility Requirements

  • You need to be a citizen of India.
  • The age should be 25 to 60 years.
  • There is a minimum salary requirement of Rs. 12,000/- per month
  • Rs. 18,000/- per month net income in (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Cochin) in order to be eligible for this program.

Salaried Person

  1. An applicant must fall between the range of 21 to 60 years old.
  2. For a borrower living in a major metropolitan area, an annual salary of at least Rs 18,000. The minimum wage in a non-metropolitan area should be Rs 12,000.
  3. The borrower must have worked for at least three years, and their pay must be sent directly into their bank account.
  4. Individuals who want personal loans must have an excellent credit history.

Self Employed

  1. A self-employed individual must be at least 25 years old.
  2. When applying for a personal loan, a person should have filed their ITR for the past three years.
  3. There must be no outstanding debt on an applicant’s credit report at the time of application.
  4. At the very least, the annual salary should be at least Rs 2.5 lakhs.
  5. 3 years business vintage proof.

Documents for AU Small Bank Personal Loan

Documentation for AU Small Finance Bank Personal Loans is straightforward and uncomplicated (though documentation varies from individual to individual).

Depending on your occupation, income, and loan requirements, you may be required to provide a variety of documents.

  • Documentation proving one’s individuality: Copy of passport/voter ID/driving license/other identification
  • For the last 3 months’ worth of bank statements, plus 6 months’ worth of banking documents
  • Latest salary slip or current dated salary certificate with the latest Form 16.
  • Address proof: Ration card/phone bill/electricity or rental agreement/passport copy if applicable
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AU Small Finance Bank Fees & Charges

Interest rate 9.75% to 18% p.a.
Processing Fee Up To 2% of the Loan Amount
Overdue Interest rate 3% per month on the outstanding loan
Foreclosure charges– If paid within 12 months after the previous disbursement, 5% of the balance is due at closing.

– If paid after 12 months, 3% of the remaining balances are at closing.
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How to Apply For Au Small Finance Bank Personal Loan

Whenever you apply for a Personal Loan with Au Small Finance Bank make sure that you don’t have to spend any time. Enjoy life to the fullest by taking advantage of our quick loan processing.

To apply for a Personal Loan, follow these steps.

  1. Go to  AU 0101.
  2. The Offers tab may be accessed by clicking on it.
  3. Accepted offers in advance
  4. Pre-Approved Personal Loans are available.

Or, you may go by your local branch and speak with a member of their knowledgeable and helpful staff about applying for an individual loan.