11 Best Personal Loan Apps in India

The best personal loan apps in India are not that hard to find. All you need to do is research and find the best one for you.

There are many personal loan apps out there, but not all of them work for everyone. Some of them might have a better interest rate than others, or they may have a more user-friendly interface than others so people’s experience on those apps will vary depending on their needs and what they’re looking for.

This is the 11 best personal loan apps list has been created with the idea that it will be useful to people who want some help finding the best app for their needs and who want some help figuring out which one will work best for them.

11 Best Personal Loan Apps in India

Loan AppInterest Rate (Per Annum)Loan AmountGet It
MoneyView  24%Rs. 10,000– 5 LakhDownload App
Cashe Loan33.46%Rs.1,000 – 4 LakhDownload App
MoneyTap24.33%Rs. 3,000 – 5 LakhDownload App
Dhani App14%Rs. 1,000- 15 LakhDownload App
Kreditbee36%Rs. 1,000- 1LakhDownload App
LazyPay31%Rs. 5,000 – 1 LakhDownload App
Paytm15%- 30%Rs. 10,000-5 LakhDownload App
Faircent36.48%Rs. 1,000-60,000Download App
Incred20%Rs. 1Lakh – 15 LakhDownload App
Truecaller16%Rs. 10,000-5 LakhDownload App
Simply Cash25%Rs. 50,000-1.5 LakhDownload App

Moneyview Instant Loan

Moneyview is a new instant loan app that has been recently introduced in the market. The app is present on both iOS and Android platforms which makes it accessible to a large number of users.

Moneyview provides up to 5 lakh loans with a repayment tenure of 5 years.

To apply for an instant loan, you need to fill up the application form with some basic personal details like your name, email ID, phone number, etc. You can apply for a Moneyview loan without income proof.

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Cashe loan App

Cashe is a digital loan app platform that helps people get loans based on their social media influence. The platform gives borrowers the opportunity to get loans up to 2 lakh without collateral or credit history.

You will need valid KYC documents like Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, and Bank Account to apply for the loan.

Cashe is offering up to 6 months of loan repayment tenure.

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MoneyTap Loan

MoneyTap is an app that lets you borrow money from the bank, in a few minutes. It’s available for use in India and it’s safe and secure. It has been designed to help people who need cash urgently but don’t have the time or access to go to a branch near them.

MoneyTap provides up to 5 lakh instant loans with a repayment tenure of up to 36 months.

MoneyTap can be used for small personal emergencies, such as paying for petrol when your wallet is empty or getting cash when you’ve left your ATM cards at home after a night out.

It is currently only available in India and not yet available in other countries around the world.

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Indiabulls Dhani Loan

Available for smartphones, the Indiabulls Dhani Instant Loan App Apply is a mobile application that provides customers with instant loans on their smartphones.

The Indiabulls Dhani Instant Loan App Apply is an innovative and customer-centric product, which offers instant loan approvals on the go.

Dhani provides up to 15 lakh loans with a rate of interest of 12% per annum.

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Kreditbee Persoanl loan

Kreditbee is a loan app for India. It provides loans from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 with a processing time of fewer than 60 minutes.

The Kreditbee app is currently live in the App Store and the Google Play Store and it provides instant personal loans to their customers.

The application process is simple and straightforward involving just four steps- enter details, upload documents, get approval and get money!

In Kreditbee’s case, the mobile phone makes it possible for them to offer quick approvals by making sure that all documentation is available on the customer’s device.

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LazyPay Instant Loan

LazyPay Instant Loan App is a new company that aims to revolutionize the lending industry.

LazyPay is an online personal finance company that strives to make borrowing and lending easier. They offer loans of up to 1 lakh and the application process takes less than three minutes.

They do not require any personal information such as your Social Security number, credit score, or bank account information.

The company has partnered with multiple lenders and uses proprietary algorithms to determine which lender will provide you with the most favorable rates and terms based on your specific needs.

Paytm Loan

The Paytm Instant Business Loan App is a unique product from Paytm, which is specifically designed to cater to the needs of small and medium enterprises.

Paytm is offering up to 2 lakh loans without any income proof.

The new version of this app allows borrowers to apply for an instant business loan instantly and then get their money in just 15 minutes.

Borrowers can use this service without any paperwork or hassle, it only requires a few taps on their smartphones.

They can also access the new feature ‘Pay Later’, which means they can take the loan now and pay it later over any period of time they want.

Faircent Pocket Loan

Faircent is an online lending platform that offers personal loans to individuals or entrepreneurs.

The company offers consumer loans from Rs. 1,000 to Rs.60,000 for a period of up to 6 months with a minimum interest rate of 36%.

The Faircent app is available on Android and iOS devices. You can download it by searching for ‘Faircent’ on Google Play Store or App Store.

You will need to enter your mobile number, name, email ID, and SMS verification code sent via SMS by Faircent within 24 hours of downloading the app before you will be able to use it.

Incred Instant Loan

Incred is an innovative platform for instant loans. Customers can get up to 15 lakh in less than 24 hours. The loan is approved on the basis of the customer’s credit score, income, and repayment track record.

The three major reasons why people need a loan are:

– Emergency expenses

– Financial emergencies

– Education loans

The first thing a potential borrower has to do is fill a form with their personal information. They’ll be asked questions about their job, monthly income, current assets, and liabilities, etc. This will help Incred assess their eligibility for a loan.

Once they have been approved for the loan, it will be transferred into their bank account immediately. This means that they can start using it as soon as they receive it!

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Truecaller Loan

Truecaller fast loans are the fastest way to get cash in your hands. The reason it remains the best option for millions is that it offers loans up to Rs 5 lakhs with no credit checks.

This company is offering a 16% rate of interest per annum with a repayment tenure of 36 months.

Your monthly salary should be Rs. 15,000 per month to apply for Truecaller Personal loan.

Simply Cash Persona Loan

This section discusses the benefits of SimplyCash Persona Loan up to 1.5 lakh.

It is a great way to get money without any hassle. You won’t need to worry about your credit rating, any collateral, or guarantors if you qualify for this loan.

And with an interest rate of up to 25% per annum on this loan, you can save some serious money in interest on your other loans over the next few years.

Different types of loan apps are offering instant loans but you should choose the right one. We provide the best thing about these loans is that they are very easy to get.

Most people can avail of this loan within 24 hours. The lenders provide the loan to the borrowers on their doorsteps without any hassle.

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